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Mystic Owl

“After unveiling our perfectly prepared precious cargo, we were both mesmerized, as “Mystic Owl” continued unfolding before us on the table.

Mystique Owl

She is a masterpiece, holding all of the energetics of her mother-channel Elle Divine. The photo’s paled in comparison to her magnificence. This is certainly a testament to having felt it before actually seeing it.

We set her in-place, sat back in our chairs and just stared. The experience was quite emotional and surreal, evoking deep conversation between us. At different times of the day, with the light changing in the room, she changes. The blues in the piece are nothing short of magical! She has certain depth, movement and style and continues to reveal a variety of meanings/truths.

How does one manage to put words to all of this?

God she’s GORGEOUS!”

~ Bengt & Salem (Malmö – Sweden)


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