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“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anaïs Nin 

Inspiration comes through what I call Happy Heart Spirit (Inspired by Spirit-in-Action) – the creative life force energy activating every cell within the body when I allow the flow of Love, through the gift of breath, to fully penetrate and dance in the inner stream of the rhythmic flow of Grace. Let go and let the goddess glow.

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Hence, the heart of inspiration fused in inter(art)xion. I dance on the canvas when applying the prime coat – some parts of the body get utilized to brush the paint on canvas. And when I do the photographic art pieces, I hold the camera and dance around the fire – twirling and swirling dance rhythms – as I click away and capture the streaks and glow of the fire. The same creative process applies when I dance with the pregnant full moon, yet in a more seductive pensive mood.

While still entranced with the dance, I throw splashes of colours layer-by-layer onto the surface of the canvas or the print until the music within ceases.

The dotting signature birthed itself in the artwork after visiting Uluru in 2012.

On a very cold June morning, just before dawn, I am guided to leave the tour group and find myself walking directly to one of the Sacred Birthing sites. In the stillness of the first rays of sunlight beaming through a narrow gorge in the `Rock` the beam of light spotlighting me directly in front of a cave. I experienced a Mystical connection with Ancient Beings. Not being able to move the body my feet anchored into the red earth, I breathed deeply allowing the breath to guide me through a process of deep healing and re-birthing.

This energy is present with me as I allow myself to be in the space of `no mind` when I start to dot.

I feel the first `dot` on each piece takes the longest time to actualize, but once it is marked down the other dots follow flowing effortlessly to completion.

It is my desire and intention that each artwork is to extend Peace, Love, and Healing – activating these qualities to those who allow themselves to look and see through the eyes of the heart by allowing time to breathe and feel how the painting wants to reveal itself to the ‘witness’ or the observer:

A young student fell into my arms teary eyed feeling the Love of her family saying the painting reminded her of her happy childhood.

A young man told me he felt “a whoosh” after looking at one of the larger paintings. Inquiring into what that meant for him, all he said `there are no words just whoosh, but it felt Peaceful…

By seeing the cycle of “extending the good, the holy, and the beautiful” and being gifted the felt-experience of the mystery unfolding, I am inspired to dance and co-create with the Beloved…… Eternally.


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Elle Divine | artist-writer, lightbearer and teacher of The Way, and known in the circle as a babaylan. She has lived in Ubud, Bali-Indonesia at the Alam Cinta Ashram and currently resides in Valencia, Negros Island in the Philippines – a resident artist at the Arthub Studio Gallery of Contemporary Art.  She is a devoted Disciple of Love; a teacher of conscious breathing technique and an intuitive guide for sessions that require deeper inquiry to birth remembrance into wholeness. She has been invited as inspirational speaker in several events – sharing her journey on healing and awakening.

Elle was one of the fellows of the 53rd Silliman University National Writers Workshop – the oldest creative writing workshop of its kind in Asia.

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