eight questions large

1. What inspires your art work?

Nature. I’m just in awe of the vastness of beauty around me. Just look at the beauty of a twilight sky.

2. Who would you want to be sitting and having a coffee with you right now? Make it a famous artist.

Somebody very flamboyant like Salvador Dali, perhaps. Outrageous and funny. And for me to see if the coffee froth sticks to his moustache!

dali coffee

 3. What is it that you dislike?

Falseness. Be real and speak your truth!

4. I heard that you are writing. Can you share a little about that?

I’m writing the history of herstory. (Laughing)

Truly, I’m moved to write about Elle’s journey… the miracles and mystery of life that have unfolded through me… reflecting deep healing transformation to inspire women and men — well, all beings really. For us to lighten up and be happy. Watch out for the book.

 5. Wow. That’s great. Mmm… by the way, do you have a passage you live by?

One word. Truth. But it’s not about concepts or ideas of it, it’s about a feeling-state-of-being… not just talking about it, but Be-ing it.

6. Next question. What is your favorite indulgence?

Cosmic chocolate  orgasm and red wine.

red wine

7. What is something you feel gratitude for right now?

Mmm… let me breathe with that… the breath of Life, yes. And spiced plunger coffee and the smile of the beautiful waitress who looks happy.

8. The last question may come from you.

So, what makes your heart sing?



  1. Thank you for being YOU beautiful woman….it is a JOY to see your light shine forth in this way!
    Love you, Love you, Love you AND what your have birthed : )
    Ahbwooooooooooooooon xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


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