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Insight in Darkness

quoteIn the last blog that I posted titled “Reflections”, I ended by asking a very vital question: “Am I coming from a place of Fear or from a place of Love?” 

I ponder and live in this question constantly.

Upon returning to the Philippines in late December 2014 (from a two month visit to Australia), I have been living alone in the house I usually share with my partner, best friend, and beloved, Raz; on my own for weeks, sometimes more than a month at a time, has triggered on occasions one of my primal fears…

Being alone and not Belonging

Being alone on Christmas Day in Australia was a conscious choice that I felt guided to make and did not connect the dots until recently, that being here in the Philippines on my own for five and a half weeks leading up to and including the Easter Holy Week was for my healing and growth. Read More

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“Did you ever wonder if the person in the puddle is real,  and you’re just a reflection of him?” ~ Bill Waterson

The word reflection was occasionally ruminating in my quiet thoughts throughout the day, eventually nudging me to open my small Collins Gem English Dictionary to define the word’s meaning.

Reflect (v): throw back, esp. rays of light, heat, etc.; form an image of; show; consider at length; bring credit or discredit upon.

Reflection (n): image of an object given back by a mirror etc.

I sit pondering why this word and wonder what is truly being shown and what is it mirroring and giving back?

Do I consider at length, and form an image looking back at me or do I see the return of rays of light?

A lot to reflect on I would say!

Mr. Google says: the throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat or sound, without absorbing it.

Without absorbing it! 

Now this is an aspect I had not considered at length. Read More

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In the Flow: Sherara – Divine Feminine Awakening

An invitation arrives in my Facebook inbox on 17th January asking if I would like to join a group of female artists participating in an art exhibition in a funky new gallery located in a city seven hours away by bus.

My hearts sings with excitement. This will be my first time to exhibit in an actual gallery. The distance to travel is seen as an adventure and the creative juices are ignited

Staring down at the blank white canvas, I feel moved to apply black paint. ‘No you need colour’ the doubting mind protests – the title of the exhibition is Feminine Wash. It ‘needs to look clean and fresh.’

Ignoring my first intuitive impulses, I allow the mind to take control, applying the paint thinking about colour, shape and texture, but nothing feels good any more. Layer upon layer of paint – I am not happy with the progress but keep telling myself ‘it’s not finished yet, another coat will do it.’

My greatest fan, weightiest critic and also my best friend and partner walks into the room and says bluntly “That is so ugly!” referring to my work in progress. Deep down in my gut I know he speaks the truth. The painting is dead. It has no “Life Force”. Read More

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Multiplication of Happiness

Note: This blog is written by guest writer Ra’z Salvarita.

“Happiness multiplies to infinity.”

Forward. Onward.

June 2014 : One round circle – a mandala composed of more than 60 courageous souls – teachers and health workers identifying themselves as ‘survivors’ of the super typhoon Yolanda (international code name Haiyan) – – one of the strongest tropical cyclones ever recorded in history and had its first landfall in the middle of the Philippines. And while in the circle, each one had their right hand on their heart center while the left hand placed palm-to-palm with their partners; both tuning in to the flow of breath and extending joy and healing to one self and the other; and extending the same within the circle, then to the whole island, and on to the greater expanse of the planet. Read More