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Ocean Dharma

Ocean Dharma opens up a mesmerising portal of meditative visual swirls – inviting one’s consciousness to plunge in a free-dive deep into a blue hole, trusting the flow of breath and surrendering to the gravitational pull of the sacred ocean sanctuary – a vast cathedral… Read More

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Multiplication of Happiness

Note: This blog is written by guest writer Ra’z Salvarita. “Happiness multiplies to infinity.” Forward. Onward. June 2014 : One round circle – a mandala composed of more than 60 courageous souls – teachers and health workers identifying themselves as ‘survivors’ of the super typhoon… Read More

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Yes. And Yes. And Yes.

Living life in Dumaguete City for the last year and a half has certainly been a playground of learning, creating, practicing new skills and immersing in the smorgasbord of cultural arts. And all it took was for me to shout a resounding ‘Yes’ to ‘Life’… Read More