Mapping the history of Herstory (January 2014)

Every dot creates a constellation of discovery uncovered through the field of deep radical inquiry within one’s self and expressed through ecstatic abstraction of which something gets revealed as seen and felt through the works of Australian contemporary artist, Elle Divine – a current artist-in-resident at The Arthub Studio Gallery of Contemporary Art; and also a respectable light-spirituality teacher and known for her dynamic art process of dancing over canvas.

“Mapping the history of Herstory” is the collective title of Elle’s new series that shows an interplay and fusion between the energetic frequency of both divine feminine and divine masculine quality essences; and that visually communicates a certain feeling-sense of vibration due to the ‘optical strobes’ of a combined creative style fusing the so-called ‘spirit’ of indigenous art and the ever-streaming exploration of digital photographic innovation. Elle has utilized the camera to paint light by dancing around a fire and clicking away inscribing fire trails on the photographic image which she then uses as the blueprint to map out certain transmissions applying paints and dots.

Elle’s experimentation implies a virtual mapping of instinctual conscious exploration ignited by spontaneous striking of paints on c-prints and on canvas and the meditative process of ‘dotting’ – which flowed in through the influence of indigenous art and the traditional batik process of the Balinese artisans (having lived in an ashram in Ubud, Bali-Indonesia for the last seven years). A palpable experience on a trip to Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) and Kata Juta in Central Australia has catapulted into a bolder step to powerfully claim a sleeping creative muse within and has now sprung up to life echoing the voices of the ancient in each dot, in each line and curve, in each hue of colour that replicates the symbolic pigments used by ancient tribal councils – from Africa to Down Under (tracing the exodus of the DNA imprint of the human migration).

“There are no mistakes or accidents,” Elle would say. Indeed, in her trips around the planet, certain vortex of energy pools has brought about shifts in her art process – from a ‘spiritual birthing’ cave in Kata Juta, Australia; to a dwelling cave in Qumran and the Dead Sea and the Old City in Israel; to meeting the oldest mananambal in Siquijor Island; and to many other portals that contributed to her ways of ‘seeing’ beyond the aesthetic intelligence of her works to feeling the ‘soul’ that constitutes the expansive presentation of each work.

Art, as we know it, when taken off the context of human description is pure creative life-force energy utilized to imprint symbols – and takes form like a painting, photograph, or movement. With Elle’s art pieces, the Divine is captured in the process and emancipates a transmission of extending the “good, the holy, and the beautiful”.

Claim history. And take part in the Herstory.

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