Interference Art Exhibition (October 2013)

Interference is a radical frequency. Taken from a higher realm, it is a positive deviant. It triggers inclusion towards a diversified perspective that caters to a change from monotony.

Interference projects a new vision of maturity in understanding the scope of sundry forms of art expressions in the borderless creative playground. It is a virtual ripple that touches the edge of the monotonic zone as it makes a subtle invitation to take bolder exploration in the spirit of creativity.

Interference is abstract; a surge of ecstatic creativity; raw of infinite possibilities. 

Interference is an art secession of four recognized artists in their field – Elle Divine, Jana Jumalon-Alano, Ra’zcel Jan Salvarita, and Rianne Dawn Salvarita.

interference teaser fb


ELLE DIVINE. Australian abstractionist known for dancing over canvasses as part of her action painting process. Her works are also closely inspired by Australian indigenous art since her visit at Uluru also known as “the Ayers Rock”.  She has lived in Ubud, Bali-Indonesia for the last six years in an ashram and is now a full-fledged Disciple of Love – a teacher of spirituality and someone who can take you deeper towards the remembrance of your True Essence.

JANA JUMALON-ALANO. Award-winner for prestigious national visual arts competitions since her primary years, she continues to excel in her field of creative endeavours may it be painting, sculpture, or music. The themes of her pieces revolve around the central figure of womanhood.  She is a prominent female artist in the Visayas-Mindanao region and is continually getting recognition in the art capital of the country. She has lived more than a decade in Dumaguete, yet her heart still weeps because of the conflict in her beloved Ciudad de Zamboanga.

RA’ZCEL JAN SALVARITA. ‘Creative visionary activist’ and ‘environmental artist’ have become descriptions for Ra’z who has recently returned to the city after some years living in the ‘island of the gods’ – Bali. His creative interests are in an expansive bubble of experimentation in painting, film photography, and performance art, dealing at times within the influence of his immediate environment. Or not. He is currently utilizing linen textile as a primary medium in his creations and continues being a prime mover for progressive and diversified art in Dumaguete and wherever he settles himself.

RIANNE DAWN SALVARITA. Fine Arts graduate with a major in Painting, Rianne has shown mastery of his own technicality in painting. His fascination with surrealism has taken deeper connection with his perspective of human consciousness with inclination towards the nature of sensuality. When taking a break from painting, he delves with music and photography. He was a former cultural officer at the National Commission for Culture and the Arts in Manila and has recently returned to the city to inspire young artists as an art instructor in the Fine Arts Department at Foundation University.

These artists have shown maturity and confidence in their respective creative processes and conceptualizations.       

They are in the forefront of shaping the wave of art literacy and promoting a healthy exchange of ideas to support creative awareness for a vibrant community.

The show opens on October 9, 2013 at Kri Restaurant and ends by October 28.


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