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Paix Namaste!

My name is Elle and this is my story…

The journey that unfolded in the physical world looks a lot like this:

The transformation of myself over the past ten years from an Australian Gold Coast “Barbie doll”, sixty-something-year-old-widow, living in a gated security complex enclosed with grills on all the windows and doors and now to a Bohemian Goddess, writer, artist and spiritual healer-initiator is something my mind could never have dreamed up in a million years.

To add to the outrageousness of it all, I have been in an intimate relationship with a beloved for about eight years and counting. Flying at 35,000ft/asl, an act of providence sparked this chance meeting with a slightly-built, long-haired “old soul” – who just happens to be the same age as my son – a multi-talented “creative machine gun”: artist, photographer, designer, educator, and an eco-compassion-activist as such. My life as I knew it turned upside down, inside out, triggering bagsful of emotional turmoil, eventually resulting in profound deep healing.

And the Inner Journey of awakening and returning to the remembrance of oneself as Soul is a whole different story. It goes:

The magical, mysterious and miraculous weaving of events that have had me dancing in God’s Grace one moment, then down on my knees in gut-wrenching agony in another, when ego shows up, is all part of an exquisite tapestry revealing itself thread by colourful thread.

I would love to share the interweaving of both journeys through my writing.

The serendipitous chain of events that led me to an ashram in Bali where I lived for seven years in a grass-roofed villa on the side of a gorge; totally open to the jungle below; the bed netting being my only security.

Moving to the Philippines in 2013, I call a tree house home for a period of two months – a far cry from the security grills and locks I imprisoned myself with in Australia.

Some of these experiences are written as short blog articles with beautiful photographic images on my web site:

With the monsoon season just beginning, I am making a commitment to fully support the creative muse that is now screaming at me to write – right, yes, write, write, write. With the temperature of the air a lot cooler, the overcast sky gentle on my eyes, and the soothing sound of the rain, I feel the time is ripe for me to channel through words of wisdom and laughter and joy and sadness and ecstasy.


The three-month writing residency project, Monsoon Writing, will be self-directed (with support from fellow writers) and crowd-funded to intensify the motivation and discipline to focus into writing.

If there is an inquisitiveness arising within you to know how this journey unfolds and the simple healing techniques I have acquired to move from fear to love; from darkness to light; from merely existing in this world to truly living a happy peace filled life, please take a look at the options available for you to consider in supporting this project. By doing so you will not only be helping fund the Monsoon Writing Project but energetically you will be supporting yourself also; your own Soul’s journey to awakening, whatever that is for you. And that is just how this loving universe works.

The available energy-exchange or rewards for sponsors will be in the forms of original artworks; or art greeting cards and “Ancient Wisdom” inspirational cards handmade in our studio; or an e-book copy of the completed work. And of course a personal “thank you” note (and a mention in my website) and virtual hug-and-kisses.

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Thank you! Love and Light!


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