HERSTORY WRITING COLLECTION.  What you will find here are collections of Elle Divine’s writings. Publication or re-production of any of the works, in whole or in part, by any means, without the written permission of the author is prohibited.

Trapped in 30-Seconds

elle d

I sit here writing and feel for just a moment a touch of sadness arising; for I allowed the insanity of the mind to value above all else a less than thirty second conversation to have so much power. The ability to shut down and close off all creative juices, the very life force energy that breathes us and lives through us is really quite amazing. I become another body in space and time (one of the living dead) stumbling around on this beautiful planet in a daze trying my best to achieve the impossible – pleasing everyone!

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Painting Freedom painting freedom

I return to the Gold Coast in August 2001 after residing at Bargara Beach for the past seven years. I make a huge decision and buy a three bedroom brand new house in a gated security complex.

I literally “let go” of most of “my stuff” arriving on the Gold Coast with an Ancestral Antique Lounge suite, Grandfather Clock and five large packing boxes.

So I move in to begin a new life on my own.   Click to continue reading

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