Ocean Dharma

Ocean Dharma opens up a mesmerising portal of meditative visual swirls – inviting one’s consciousness to plunge in a free-dive deep into a blue hole, trusting the flow of breath and surrendering to the gravitational pull of the sacred ocean sanctuary – a vast cathedral… Read More

S.O.S.: Sacred Ocean Sanctuary

Sacred Ocean Sanctuary is a mystical call to reconnect our beingness to our deepest essential nature – as a conduit for the good, the sacred, and the beautiful. S.O.S. is where I channel through the energy field of loving-kindness and healing awakening for humanity’s consciousness… Read More

Vulva: A Sacred Miracle Portal

“I was there in the room…” On the evening of Global Hearts Day, I am about to perform on stage in front of an audience of around 500 people, a piece from Eve Ensler’s award winning play The Vagina Monologues for the Dumaguete VDay event… Read More

A Whale of a Mystic Encounter

“‎Invite a dolphin or a whale to come along with you, They are great guides through the mystery.” ~ Rumi   Rumi’s quote rings so true for me. I have experienced a very real mysterious connection, joining a mystical experience I had at the Aboriginal birthing site at… Read More

Insight in Darkness

In the last blog that I posted titled “Reflections”, I ended by asking a very vital question: “Am I coming from a place of Fear or from a place of Love?”  I ponder and live in this question constantly. Upon returning to the Philippines in… Read More


“Did you ever wonder if the person in the puddle is real,  and you’re just a reflection of him?” ~ Bill Waterson The word reflection was occasionally ruminating in my quiet thoughts throughout the day, eventually nudging me to open my small Collins Gem English Dictionary… Read More

Multiplication of Happiness

Note: This blog is written by guest writer Ra’z Salvarita. “Happiness multiplies to infinity.” Forward. Onward. June 2014 : One round circle – a mandala composed of more than 60 courageous souls – teachers and health workers identifying themselves as ‘survivors’ of the super typhoon… Read More

Sweet and Wild Nature

Overcast sky is a welcome change from the dry summer heat, and feeling a little frazzled of late, I decide to follow a nagging inner stirring to connect more intimately with the elements of nature – especially the ocean.  I find being near or in… Read More

Knot of Entanglement

I sit here at the breakfast table feeling at peace looking out at the gloomy overcast sky… A little sadness is welling up from deep within grabbing my attention, wanting to disturb this tranquil moment.  Disturbance seems to be the Flavour of the Month in my… Read More