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HeART of Healing: A Pecha Kucha Experience

Pecha Kucha – the term and the concept was completely foreign to me, so when I was invited to present in the very first Pecha Kucha Night in Dumaguete City, Philippines, I said ‘yes’ not really knowing what I was getting myself into.

I did feel excitement at the time, but not the sense of fun I was to experience especially in the preparation.

I love the creative inspiration that is flowing so freely through me as I prepare for the upcoming session. As I write the script for my presentation, the images that will complement my topic, drop effortlessly onto the screen of my mind one by one. Doing the reverse and choosing the images first did not flow at all. I have timed each slide to perfection abiding within the rules of Pecha Kucha, using The Art of Concise Presentation, in which it is known as 20 slides per 20 seconds each, a total presentation of 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

However, I did not take into consideration the possibility of nervousness showing up on the night.

Speaking of what I am most passionate about, Art and Healing, always flows very naturally for me when I am in one-on-one conversation with a friend, but I realized I am about to expose myself to the general public that I am not only endeavouring in writing and visual art, in addition, I am a qualified Master of Sacred Healing Energies that I do extend into my art works.

The eccentric style to which I apply the paint on canvas brings about so much joy and keeps me in touch with my childlike spirit.

Visiting Uluru, the monolith in Central Australia, has certainly birthed the inspiration for the ‘dottings’ on my work, leaving a powerful imprint, and having a profound healing effect on those who are open to receive it.

The ‘dottings’ takes me into a space of timelessness, dissolving all physical tension and worry, leaving me in a state of Joy, Happiness and Freedom.

And now, I am exposing the Pecha Kucha presentation “HeArt of Healing” to the world via YouTube.

And so, are you ready for coffee break for 6-minutes and 40-seconds?

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  1. leelotchka44

    Elle, thank you for the link – I have already enjoyed it 🙂
    Yes, that little one is authentic all right


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